Reuth's 80th anniversary

Over 1,200 people filled the Tel Aviv Opera House for an emotion-filled event with entertainment provided  by Shlomi Shabat who hosted Yuval Dayan. Television personality Ayal Kitzis was the master of ceremonies and he spoke movingly of his visit to the Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital, Tel Aviv and the very special atmosphere he found there.  All of Israel, should have the qualities of Reuth, he announced!


Reuth Chairman Dr. Uzi Landau, spoke proudly of the growth of this special organization and its role in Israel society today, while Dr Dov Albukrek, the General Director of the hospital emphasized the tremendous development that the hospital is undergoing in a major effort to provide answers to all those who are in desperate need of Reuth's services.


Guests included Tel Aviv mayor Ron Huldai, Chairman of the Friends of the Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital, Advocate Zvi Firon, former Mayor of Tel Aviv Roni Milo, Advocate Dan Lahat and Ronit Reichman, Deputy Chairman of Reuth Tami Haimovsky, Israeli tennis stars, Andy Ram and Shachar Pe'er, Rani Rahav, Entrepreneur Shai Aggasi, a leader of the Israeli movie industry Moshe Edri, Tal Barnoach, Yuval Shachar and many others.


The evening raised more than 1 million NIS which is earmarked for the vitally important expansion of the outpatient rehabilitation facilities at the hospital, which is a major goal in 2018.

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