The Magic of Reuth

This year, Reuth's annual gala event was filled with magic and enchantment: the magic of generosity, displayed by numerous friends - who flocked to Redding 3 in Tel Aviv's North Port recently; the magical setting, with its young, dynamic, lively atmosphere; the wonder of kindness, voiced by MC Oshrat Kotler; the well-known personal charm of former Minister of Welfare Moshe Kahlon; the miracle of compassion, expressed so movingly in the film about Honey, who was hospitalized at Reuth with her newborn daughter; the magnetizing performance of Perception Artist Nimrod Harel, who told the audience: "You are the magicians here, not me. Please go on with your magic…"; and above all, the magic of chesed, dedication and love that drives Reuth forward at all times.  

Even within Reuth's long tradition of wonderful events, this evening was very special.  The stylish venue, with seating around intimate tables and a central bar, the excellent refreshments served by smiling waiters walking  through the crowd, and of course Nimrod Harel's breathtaking enchantments, all imbued the gathering with new energy and a fresh spirit. 

The first speaker of the evening was Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai, who said Reuth practiced "a philanthropy of life and action", never allowing our hearts to forget those in need of assistance and kindness. Next was Moshe Kahlon who saluted Reuth, and told the audience how, when visiting a friend undergoing rehabilitation at Reuth, he had been astonished to find a hospital "full of smiling people!". Reuth Chair Tami Chaimovski said she was proud to continue in the footsteps of her grandmother, Bessie Ellen - one of the enterprising women who founded Reuth 77 years ago. Reuth's General Director Alex Jacobi closed the successful event with heartfelt thanks to everyone involved. 

All proceeds from the annual event will be used for the renovation of a rehabilitation department at Reuth Medical Rehabilitation Center.

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