Sovev Emek Ultra Marathon

I am excited to be running the Sovev Emek Ultra Marathon 166 KM! on October 23rd and am using this opportunity to help the patients at  Reuth Medical Center in Tel Aviv  as they run their own Marathon, rehabilitating from various injuries and illnesses. The funds I raise during my run will go towards the Hospitals new Anti Gravity treadmill. This specialized treadmill developed by scientists at NASA, helps patients who are mostly non weight bearing, get up and start running while they progress through the rehabilitation process. The use of this adapted treadmill significantly speeds up the rehab process and enables them to get back on their feet and return home quickly.

Show your REUTH (friendship) for the patients of Reuth Hospital and help me to help these amazing individuals by donating here

Together we can succeed in running lifes ultra marathon!

Moishe Siegel

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