Dr. Dov Albukrek

Dr. Dov Albukrek

Dr. Dov Albukrek has been appointed Director of Reuth Medical & Rehabilitation Center in Tel Aviv, replacing Dr. Nisim Ohana.

Dr. Albukrek is a Colonel in the IDF's Medical Corps and a pediatric specialist, who joined the army as part of the Atuda program (which combines academic studies with military service). Over the years he has held many prominent positions: commander of the medical field in the IDF's Central Command, Deputy Director of the Beilinson Medical Center, senior pediatrician at the Schneider Children's Medical Center and more. His latest post was Medical Assistant to the General Director of Israel's Ministry of Health. 

Reuth Medical & Rehabilitation Center is the largest rehabilitation hospital in Tel Aviv and one of Israel's leading hospitals in the fields of rehabilitation and long-term care.  

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